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 Wivenhoe Surgery
national health service
Date Of Next Meeting incl AGM     Wednesday 26th September 2018 6.30pm at     Wivenhoe Medical Centre Phillip Road             New Members Welcome       Agenda Available Soon under 'Our Documents'        Forthcoming Meetings in 2018   Wivenhoe Medical Centre   Wednesdays @ 6.30pm         26th September     28th November               Breaking NEWS    Volunteers Sought for the   'My Weight Matters' Programme   Supported by ACE Lifestyle Health Professionals   for more information, contact:   Peter Hill   01206 823 073 or Neil Hopkins  07855 065 634           Wivenhoe Patients Participation Group           It is government policy that each GP practice, which may be a practice or medical centre, establish a Patient Participation Group (PPG) run by volunteers who are also patients.  PPG meetings are attended by practice staff alongside public members, whose purpose may well develop over the years.     Wivenhoe PPG has been in situ since February 2016 but can now really achieve results following the practice move to Phillip Road in October 2017, as not only has the uncertainty been lifted, but the new premises offer far more space and opportunity to develop services than was possible in the old building.       The objectives of the group are to improve the service for the patient and to improve communication between the practice and its patients, which can several forms, including to:       1 offer feedback on patients' observations and experiences (good and bad) 2 put pertinent questions to practice staff to discover reasons for policies/processes/the remit/government and legal requirements. etc   3 invite guest speakers ot meetings 4 advise and inform 5 liaise with other groups 6 support and promote patient health initiatives 7 explain developments/changes in policy encountered by the practice to patients to ensure that patients receive an accurate account of any situation  8 influence the provision of local health and social services 9 promote the aims and achievements of the PPG to a wider audience (posters, stalls, articles, word of mouth, etc) 10 undertake surverys 11 arrange talks and presentations for patients 12 raise funds 13 be inclusive in terms of age, gender, race, religion, social background, etc                      Terms of Reference        The PPG will:      1 run the PPG with Chair and Secretary 2 meet on a bimonthly basis 3 ensure a quorum of 6 or more 4 contribute to practice decision-making and will consult on service development & provision 5 be the voice of Wivehoe by providing feedback on patients' viewpoint 6 help patients understand Wivenhoe Medical Centre's viewpoint 7 communicate information about the community which may affect healthcare 8 promote good health and higher levels of health literacy by encouraging and supporting activities within the the practice and promoting preventative medicine   9 influence the provision of secondary healthcare and social care locally 10 give feedback to NHS trusts on consultations 11 not discuss patients' individual complaints 12 decisions will be given as a group 13 review the Terms of Reference on an annual basis                          PPG Members   Public Members   Frances Millard (Chair) Peter Hill (Vice Chair) Penny Craft (Secretary)             Asa Aldis   Elizabeth Baines   Neil Hopkins                            Michael Horley   Sandra Lawrence   Neil Lodge   Margaret Newman   Timothy Sherwen   Gillian Sleightholme     Surgery Staff Members   Dr S Cooper (GP) Zoe Cronin (Practice Manager) Richard Gray (Administrator)                                                Important Websites Patient Participation Organisations                  NEE Health Forum North East Essex Health Forum  https://www.neessexccg.nhs.uk/health-forum NAPP   National Association for Patient Participation   http://www.napp.org.uk/     Local Health Services    ACE Anglia Community Enterprise http://www.acecic.co.uk/ CHUFT Colchester Hospital University Foundation Trust http://colchesterhospital.nhs.uk/ Colchester Walk In Centre North Colchester Healthcare Centre https://www.northcolchesterhealthcarecentre.nhs.uk/ EEAST East of England Ambulance Service Trust http://www.eastamb.nhs.uk/ EPUT Essex Partnership University NHS Foundation Trust                                    https://www.eput.nhs.uk/ NEECCG North East Essex Clinical Commissioning Group http://www.neessexccg.nhs.uk/ St Helena Hospice St Helena Hospice http://www.sthelenahospice.org.uk/ Essexwide Organisations    Essex Healthwatch Essex Healthwatch http://www.healthwatchessex.org.uk/ Essex Social Services Essex County Council Health & Social Care http://www.essex.gov.uk/Health-Social-Care/Pages/Health-and-Social-Care.aspx      Local Organisations    Community 360  Community 360 http://www.community360.org.uk CVST Community Voluntary Services Tendring https://www.cvstendring.org.uk/ PALS Patient Advisory Liaison Service http://www.neessexccg.nhs.uk/pals-complaints     National Organisations    DH Department of Health https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/department-of-health NHS England NHS England https://www.england.nhs.uk/ NICE National Institute for Health & Care Excellence https://www.nice.org.uk/           

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